When searching Petfinder.com, it's not uncommon to find listings for pets that read like personal ads. One dog's description might say he enjoys long walks to the pet shop and ample scratches between his ears. The descriptions are paired with a puppy photo shoot, crafted to show off the K9's best angles. This ad for a Great Dane in Topsham, however, is a little different.

Here's the photo on the adoption ad:


Is it just me, or does this pup look a little fake?

The dog's name is Perfect and he is listed as an extra-large adult Great Dane. Clearly he's not a real dog. What's the deal?

It's all clear when you read his About Me section.

Hello, my name is Perfect. Why, you ask? Well, you see I am the perfect dog. I am what many are looking for. I don't bark, I don't pee or poop in your house, not even your yard. I don't chase cats. I allow children to hang all over me, in fact I'm big enough so they can ride me. I don't require vetting or food. I don't drink water or slobber. I am happy wherever you put me. I don't get fleas or ticks. I might be perfect, but please know that most of my fellow dog adoptees are not perfect. Please don't expect that of them and give them time to adapt to your life and your rules. I am listed here to represent the perfect dog, so if you are looking for just that, than buy a stuffed animal.

Coastal Maine Great Dane Rescue posted the ad. Their website says they are "a small, home-based rescue group, operating out of Topsham, Maine, and serving Maine and New Hampshire. Senior dogs hold a special place in our hearts, and we encourage you to consider them for adoption. We'll be happy to talk to you about the many benefits of our older friends!"

Thank you for making a powerful statement about dog adoption. No dog is perfect. If you want perfect, get a stuffed animal. 


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