Zack Frank, a national park ranger from upstate New York, has been out of work since the government shutdown that began last month and has continued into January, breaking records for the longest shutdown in American history.

As a "non-essential" employee, Zack is out of work until federal programs reopen and has decided to spend his time off making educational videos on YouTube. In his channel's intro video, he explains why he's dedicated to making a video a day covering America's national parks:

"Just because our elected officials seem to have forgotten and stopped caring about our public lands doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop educating and engaging with the public," Zack said.

Acadia was second on Zack's list, being highlighted as the first point in the United States to see the sunrise every day and a phenomenal place to go hiking for people of all ages and skill levels, accompanied by sweeping views of the park's stunning rock cliffs and shorelines.

Zack did a great job covering Acadia in his "video-a-day" series, and will continue to highlight other national parks as the government shutdown continues. He has created a Patreon page in the hopes of raising some money and giving out travel advice on the side while he's out of work. If you'd like to support Zack's efforts during the shutdown, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel to watch his upcoming videos and visit his patreon page.

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