He's going back to his roots for his latest tour.

Adam may have been born in Brooklyn, New York but he was raised with his siblings in Manchester, New Hampshire where he will be on Saturday, October 22. He's performing at the Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Arena in Manchester. Tickets go on sale this Friday, September 16 at noon.

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Adam made his biggest splash as a cast member of Saturday Night Live back in 1993. That's where he debuted some of his most famous songs and characters. But his film career might make you forget he was on SNL. He's made so many classic goofy movies (Happy Gilmore, Waterboy), but he's also made some very critically acclaimed films too (Uncut Gems, Hustle).

But he's a comedian first and foremost and a songwriter. When his close friend and cast fellow cast member on SNL Christ Farley passed away, it really affected Adam. To honor his friend, he wrote a song about him that is both funny and sweet.

Adam told MTV in an interview what singing that song on stage means to him and what it meant to Chris' mom,

Mrs. Farley wrote me this long, sweet note. I was away all summer and when I got home this note was on my counter from Mrs. Farley just talking about how much that song meant. It just brought up a lot of nice stuff because people keep talking about Chris again to her.

Adam Sandler recently released his first new album in 15 years, called '100% Fresh' so if you can score tickets, you will be in for a treat.

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