Adam Sandler

Johnny Depp Is 2015’s Most Overpaid Actor
Last year, Forbes dubbed Adam Sandler the most overpaid actor in Hollywood with the help of some basic math skills — the publication looks at how much a studio makes for every dollar they paid their leading man. Johnny Depp came in second place in 2014, and although Sandler has had an impress…
'Blended' Director on the Q
Frank Coraci is the director of the new Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler movie 'Blended'. He's also the co-host of the Travel Channel show 'Chow Masters' with his best childhood buddy Sam Demarco. We had a chance to chat with Frank.
Two Films for Memorial Day Weekend
Movie Mom reviewed the latest X-Men movie, 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' and she loved it! Loved the two worlds coming together - loved the bad ass Jennifer Lawrence - and loved the little peak at Hugh Jackman's behind!