Adam Sandler New Hampshire Connection

If you're from the Granite State or New England in general, then you already know that we're proud to be able to call Adam Sandler one of our own. And for those skeptics that will undoubtedly drop "Adam Sandler isn't from New Hampshire" in the comments section of this post, he spent his childhood growing up in Manchester -- that's good enough for a lot of us.

Digressing, one of the reasons Adam is beloved by so many is the fact that regardless of the amount of success he's reached in his career, he's forever remained humble and never forgotten his roots, sporting UNH shirts, Bruins jerseys, and other New England-related merch in many of his movies and appearances.

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Adam Sandler Fashion

In that humility and remembering his roots, is also a love for Adam in that his fashion sense -- for an A-list superstar -- is...well, unique. Unique and very, very much like everyday, low-key wardrobe choices like any normal, not Hollywood superstar human would choose.

And while Adam once told Barstool Sports that he started wearing baggy clothes back in the day, "[he] had a beautiful body so [he] would hide it and surprise ya at the beach when the stuff would come off," he's kept the baggy, humble fashion throughout the years.

complexstyle via Instagram
complexstyle via Instagram

Adam Sandler on Jennifer Hudson Show

During an appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show, the topic of Adam's very lax wardrobe style was brought up, and he didn't hesitate to roast himself for his fashion sense.

Everyday I'm sorry for the way I dress.


What an absolute legend.

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