The Kerry family has run this popular Saco restaurant and it is truly an 'end of an era'.


According to the Portland Press Herald:

It was the sort of place that, when it announced its closing on Facebook, drew dozens of comments of the “end of an era,” “life will not be the same” sort. That Facebook announcement, by the way, was peppered with heart and shamrock emojis. John Kerry said the decision to close, and throw a big send off party were bittersweet. “It was quite a run we had, for sure,” he said.


But why close? The article continued:

... the pub’s time had come. Two of the brothers who opened the place with him died in recent years. And 40 years in such a 24-7, high-stress business had taken its toll. Beyond those, the competition from bars and restaurants in nearby towns had grown fiercer, and the dynamics around eating and drinking had changed.


It will truly be missed, and I think John will miss it too! The Press Herald's article ends with;

“For all my brothers, and myself, my wife and my children, it has been a labor of love,” Kerry said. “We wanted to serve people and give to people the love we felt and experienced in our own family life, and I think we succeeded there. If you measure success, not by material things, but by being faithful to your friends and your family and your community, I think we did that, and I think we succeeded very well.”

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