The opening of the Mount Washington Auto Road is always a "wait and see" sort of event. It all depends on how soon the snow melts and the work can be done by crews to make the steep road up the mountain passable.

Just a month ago, crews were busy clearing a snowdrift from the road and creating culverts for drainage.

Mother nature has finally cooperated enough now so that the Mount Washington Auto Road can open up on Saturday, May 25.

If you've never driven your car up the Mount Washington Auto Road, it's an experience you'll never forget. I takes about a half hour to drive up the 7.6 miles to the summit and at some points you could actually be driving through clouds!

The drive down is a bit of a steep one and you might need to pull over into one of the many turn offs to let your brakes cool down a bit, but if you aren't fearful of heights the trip is a lot of fun. If you'd rather not drive yourself, you can ride in a stage, which is a road van named after the horse drawn stages that used to travel up the mountain.

Get more info on the Mount Washington Auto Road at the link below.


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