For several months now, it looked as though the Super Great Wall Buffet in South Portland may have closed for good. There had been a small sign on the front door of the restaurant that claimed renovations were taking place, and it would reopen soon. But after that date had long passed, several loyal customers began to give up hope. Several of those people took to Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor to state that the restaurant had closed. So it came with some surprise this past week when a new sign popped up in front of the restaurant.

Via Meg Stiffler
Via Meg Stiffler

Sent to us by Meg Stiffler, the sign states that the Super Great Wall Buffet is having a grand reopening from May 12th-20th where customers will get 10% off their bill. It will be a welcome return for many in area who would frequent the restaurant during lunch hours.

Some worried that the Super Great Wall would have the same fate as a couple other Portland-area favorites recently. Last year, neighborhood favorite Valley Chinese closed their doors for good and then earlier this year, one the longest tenured restaurants in Portland, Lang's Express, closed as well.

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