I remember the first time I played Pac-Man. It was 1981 at a Chuck E. Cheese in Massachusetts and was like nothing I had ever seen. 38 years later, I just now learned about this trick to fool the ghosts.

It's not clear if this was intentionally done by the game designers or if it's a glitch in the programming of the ghosts, but there's a spot where you can stay perfectly hidden from the ghosts, perfect when you need a break or are just fascinated to see the ghosts roam the maze endlessly trying to find Pac-Man.

I found this trick when looking for patterns people use to clear the mazes. As long as you move into the right side of the T-section beneath the ghost pen when the ghosts are not looking at Pac-Man, they will never find him.

So I fired up Pac-Man on my Xbox to see if it worked....

Like a charm.

The site that I found this mentions you also need to have Pac-Man facing "north" or up. I faced left and they still couldn't find me. I don't know if this is because of the level I was on or the port of Pac-Man to the Xbox worked a little differently, but I was able to do it multiple times.

10-year-old me would have really loved to have known this.

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