Last year, this post on Reddit made the rounds on the internet here in Maine, and it made us laugh so much, we should probably revisit it, now that the snow's getting ready to fly here again this fall.

Reddit is full of great stuff, like this post from a guy in South Carolina who moved to Bangor last year. He asked local Mainers for advice, and they gave him some.

[Warning: NSFW internet language ahead!]

His post, titled "help me not be an asshole" asks local Bangor residents for their advice about how he should act when he moves to Maine.

He writes, "I'm moving to Bangor next year from South Carolina. According to Google, Mainers have a deep sense pride and a live-and-let-live attitude. What should I do as a new resident to make sure I'm being respectful of Maine's culture and fully embracing my new home?"

Most of the responses he got are pretty accurate, and really show the character of typical Mainers. Here are some of the replies:

Just don't be a dick. That's basically it."

Don't complain about the cold.
Don't start every other discussion with "When I lived in South Carolina...."
Don't say "Where are all of the black people?"
Don't complain about the lack of barbecue or Southern food.
Buy a snowblower and learn how to use it.
If you see your neighbor standing around his burn pile with a beer, head over and have a beer and stare at the fire with him."

Buy a roof rake, help your neighbor rake the snow off their roof, and then they'll help you rake yours. Drink beer after."

Acquire a taste for Allen's Coffee Brandy"

Go spend some time in a walk-in freezer to get your SC blood some practice for winter."

...and our favorite:

Try to get rid of that silly accent."

Do you have any advice for this person? Comment on the Reddit thread here.

We have just one piece of advice that we'd like to add... Make sure you say Bangor right!

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