Tis the season to offer others your services...

This sign caught the attention of Tera Murch. So much so that she took a picture.

Tera Murch/Facebook
Tera Murch/Facebook

In case you can't see it...the sign reads:





How kind of Total Eclipse Auto Detailing and Design on Route 121 in Oxford. Not only do they clean your car or truck, but if you get around on a broom - they will clean that sucker too!

I wonder if people picked up on the unusual offer. I think it would have taken me a couple of times of passing this sign to have it connect.

Broom? Wait...ohhhhhh, I get it.

Good one, Total Eclipse. Although, I would probably be in Norway by the time in sunk in.

I love people who take the time to be clever with their signs. I may just gather up some brooms and get those bad boys detailed. The busy season is just around the corner.

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