Anyone who prefers cans to bottles will be excited at this new development. According to Press Herald, Allagash is testing their quality in canned form and considering the possibility of a wider distribution via 4-packs.


They're starting out small, the Press Herald reports, testing only their Hoppy Table Beer as a canned product at the brewery in Portland before moving forward, .

“It’s something we’re excited to learn more about,”Allagash brewmaster Jason Perkins said. “We have a pretty good level of knowledge about canning, but not a firsthand, everyday knowledge about it. We’re taking that pretty seriously.

One beer, one package, sold only here, so we could really focus on the quality side of things.

According to the Herald, the transition aligns with the majority of Maine's breweries moving in the canned direction. Just six years ago, two of the state's 10 largest breweries canned their beer; now, only two remain as bottle-only facilities. The switch comes with a price - canning equipment ain't cheap, but if Allagash gets the quality of their canned beer to meet their high standards, it could mean a larger distribution, which would offset costs.

Whether or not the brewery continues in the direction they've started, their flagship White will always be my go-to. Colorful can and handsome bottle alike.


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