Let's be honest, the 4th of July is one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with your friends and family.

However, it's ALSO one of the most traffic and crowd anxiety-induced holidays as well, which can make it very tricky to find something that works for everybody.

Nobody wants to spend the day wondering if they're going to hit heavy Maine traffic or not, so why not try one of these activities instead?!

Over the years I've learned not to try to head to any surrounding states on the 4th of July weekend because you'll waste an entire day on the road. So here are some things I've done that maybe you'd want to try if your travel plans don't work out.

1. Float Presumpscott River Preserve

Grab the fam, pack a cooler you can tie to a tube so it floats alongside you, and hit the river! Make it an easy party day rather than a crazy raging party day. Those are just as valuable.

2. Make Your Own Picnic On The Eastern Promenade

I'm sure lines at bars and restaurants will be out the door for Fourth of July weekend, so why not get ahead of it and make a bunch of picnic food at home and treat your family to a wholesome old-school style lunch?

Just remember to bring a blanket for the grass so you can hang on a hill and watch all the boats go by the landing docks over there in Portland.

3. Fly Kites At Your Favorite Park

This is one of those things you used to do as a kid you may have forgotten about but still might love to do.

As an adult, childhood activities can bring back some happiness, so why not be a kid again? (Hit up a dollar store or a Five Below..t. hey always have cheap toys like this Nerf gun I just got LOL).

Whatever your plans are, just make sure you have a great 4th of July. It's gonna be awesome.

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