As New Englanders, we know that we are smaht (if you are not from New England, then yes, that means smart, and we do know how to spell it correctly). Obviously, everyone that lives in New England has different levels of intelligence, heck, to be honest, I consider myself to be smart, but I completely suck when it comes to spelling (thank you spell check).

Out of the entire country, New Englanders ranked highest for being the smartest states in America according to an analysis conducted by Penn Stakes. The majority of the New England states (all but one) made the top 8, whereas one state was not too far behind at #12.

Penn Stakes looked at a variety of factors: index score, ACT, SAT, IQ, and percent of people with an advanced degree. One state took almost the number one spot across the board, landing itself as the smartest state in America... this state was Massachusetts.

Massachusetts had an overall index score of 93.9. According to Penn Stakes, MA also ranked first for the percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree (44.98%) and advanced degree (20.30%), as well as having the second-highest average IQ (103.1) and highest average ACT scores (27.6).

According to their analysis, Connecticut is the second smartest state in the U.S., however, it still is not the state that took home the highest average IQ.

Coming in at #6, New Hampshire residents seem to be in the number one spot when it comes to looking at someone's IQ.

Below are the full rankings of where each New England state came in when determining which is the smartest in the country.

  • #1: Massachusetts
  • #2 Connecticut
  • #5: Vermont
  • #6: New Hampshire
  • #12: Maine
  • #20: Rhode Island

All in all, New England seems to have some of the smartest people around according to this analysis. It doesn't matter that majority of us do not pronounce the letter "r," we seem to know exactly what we are doing.

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