Back in January, four Taco Bell locations in Maine abruptly closed with no explanation whatsoever.

Now, 7 months later, they have all reopened just as mysteriously as they closed.

The restaurants in Portland, Auburn, Augusta and Biddeford remained closed with signs on the door apologizing and that they would be back. Many people would pull into the Washington Avenue Taco Bell in Portland, thinking the store was open only to find the signs on the door and no answer at the drive-thru.

All the buildings looked open during the day, but the lights weren't on and nobody was home.

In the past few weeks all locations have reopened as it's business as usual. Whatever issue the owners had seems to have been resolved.

According to an article by the Portland Press Herald published in January when the stores closed, the issue might have been non-payment of rent.

Regardless of the reason, we're glad they're back and serving up delicious Crunchwrap Supremes, the absolute best item on the menu. Right?

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