With a name like that, ya GOTTA try it!


So I did. Not saying that I was a loser pooper before, but this definitely seems to help things move along! This cereal can only be purchased online and it's not cheap. Cereals usually cost like 4-5 bucks a box. This sucker cost me 12 dollars!


Reviews online are not great for taste, but on the money for what it's name is! What's the secret ingredient? Well, it's not such a secret - it's fiber...a lot of fiber!


The box says:

...digestive duo of soluble and insoluble fiber. For what? For pooping perfection, that's what!

It's also good for lowering cholesterol, slowing the absorption of sugar...geesh, this stuff is miracle cereal. But how does it taste?

It's pretty plain, but yummy with some fruit. A lot of people complained it tastes like cardboard. I didn't think so...I actually enjoy it.



I know some people don't enjoy the chat of ya know...THAT. But (no pun intended) ya gotta do it, and well, the name of this cereal is hysterical!  Might as well have fun while greasing the train tracks. I mean, do you ever chat about the Metamucil ya had? No...but I bet you'll mention this!