I know I'm not the first to raise this question, but lately it's been bothering me more and more as we enter into summer and more people are venturing outside with their canine companions.

Why on earth are there abandoned dog poop bags everywhere?! They're on sidewalks, at trail heads, on beaches, in parks... they're all throughout the woods, up and down alleys, and everywhere in between.

u/NH_shitbags via reddit
u/NH_shitbags via reddit

While neglected dog piles are nothing to admire, at least they wash away with the next rain. Especially in the case of hiking trails, it would be a far superior action to grab a stick and whirl the feces into the woods where it will decomposes in a matter of weeks (or less with rain) than to bag up the pile in a non-biodegradable bag and leave it in the woods!

A fellow poo fighter posted evidence along with the question on reddit, targeting New Hampshirites for their behavior.

Can anyone shed light on why any dog owners, let alone *many*, would do this? If you go so far as to bag up your dog's $%*@ and then just leave it on the side of the trail, road, sidewalk, or beach? Knowing it will just sit there must not stop them from doing it, so is it because they think some stranger will pick it up on their behalf?

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