I don't think we, as a community will ever get tired of coffee. On a personal note, I believe I am amazing, every day, but first, I need coffee to start the engine to that amazing-ness. I am sure you agree.

Once that first cup touches your soul, it awakens you. Taking away someone's coffee should be a crime. But this isn't about that.

This is about adding more coffee to the city of Lewiston!

A new Aroma Joe's is opening, according to a press release, in Lewiston. It's located at 754 Main Street.

This will make for the third Aroma Joe's in Lewiston, according to the press release.

As Aroma Joe says, "Coffee makes the world go round."

I do have to say that Aroma Joe's has a certain style and mystique, they make signature coffees and embody this style that says, we're going to take great care of you.

If you weren't aware, Aroma Joe's was founded right here in Maine!

As the company grows, more and more people will be able to enjoy these incredible coffees.

As a new press release states, "Aroma Joe’s is expecting to open over 500 locations across the East Coast over the next eight years, and over 330 of those locations are already committed."

This coffee spot is one of the fastest growing and evolving shops in the U.S. Developing more shops and openings will provide more jobs and more coffee for us all!

You can learn more about franchising here or visit their website here! 

Where's your favorite place to get coffee?

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