It looks like another Maine school may be in danger of quarantine after three potential cases were discovered in Freeport. This comes after yesterday, Camden Rockport Middle School quarantined their entire 8th-grade class after a student turned up Positive for two weeks. The Freeport school's superintendent says that other students and possibly staff may have been exposed to this infection.

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WBAI has also reported that there are quarantined cases in York County public schools as well as Lewiston. The state CDC is working on a contact tracing at this time. The question we now have to ask ourselves is, are schools still safe during this pandemic? Can they guarantee the safety of our children?

I have a few friends who sent their kids to private or catholic school during all of this because they are ensuring a five-day education, but how can they guarantee that children won't contract the virus and spread it to others? I saw a group of children in Portland walking outside today, a few with a mask on some without worried me because it seems as though no matter what we do, we may not be able to stop this unless we resort to draconian measures. What are your thoughts?

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