I'm not sure if this was already the case, and we just pay attention, or the recent Shark attack is a sign of the new normal. In either case, on the page of Kai Adams owner of Sebago Brewing, there is a shark sighting in the Casco Bay the caption reads.

"Stay out of the water in Casco Bay. These were taken off Madeline Point on Cousins Island near the power point(plant)."

As you can see in the photographs below, the shark Dorsal Fin and a seal which has been turned to chum by the great white shark in question. Monday's shark attack made national news as the country is coming to grips with sharks in places they've frequented before.

Several beaches along the Casco Bay have told beachgoers to stay in only waist-deep water and not swim out too far because of safety concerns. Still, just like there are people that refuse to wear their mask, how many people with private properties on the beach will take heed to these warnings because the odds of being attacked by a shark are still relatively small.

How do shark attacks happen? Sharks can only see different variations of light, so attacks are not intentional; they're more accidental because they're mistaking us for seals or the types of fish they usually eat.
Either case in point, please stay safe, stay vigilant, and know that our habits have to change if we want to continue to enjoy our environment coexisting with our great white friends.

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