Anastasia from Lewiston isn't the only tatted-up Mainer vying for the role of guest cover girl on Inked magazine. Alexis Cieniewicz is also in the running and is currently ranking second in her group. As each voting round progresses, winners will go forward while the contestants with the fewest number of votes are eliminated.

Courtesy of Alexis Cieniewicz

As part of her competitor profile, Alexis says that her first tattoo along the length of her leg, but it's not her favorite. She actually plans to get it laser lightened and then covered. She also finds tattooing addictive because the more tattoos she gets, the more beautiful and unique I feel. In fact, if she were to win the cover girl shoot and accompanying $25,000, she says she would spend it partially on more tattoo appointments. After getting more ink, she would invest in some photo shoots to launch her modeling career and take a trip, as she loves to travel.