I'm sorry.

Before I say anything else -- before I explain, before I defend myself -- those are the first two words I wanted to make sure you heard from me. I'm sorry. And I understand where you're coming from. But it wasn't intentional, and now hopefully you'll stay with me long enough so I can explain that.

The Morgan Wallen Incident

In case you missed "the incident," the quick version is I posted an article yesterday with the purpose of informing you that on both Thursday, August 3, and Thursday, August 10, there will be a chance to win two tickets to see Morgan Wallen at Fenway Park for one of his three sold out shows -- the Friday, August 18 show.

Getty Images / Maxence Bouniort / Philippe Murray Pietsch
Getty Images / Maxence Bouniort / Philippe Murray Pietsch

The Headline Confusion

Here's where the confusion kicks in, though, and where everyone thought I was being purposely misleading (I wasn't, but again, I understand the confusion.) The headline I used (at first, anyway, before changing it later) was Get to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, to See Morgan Wallen for Free.

The Defense

In my head, using that headline coupled with the picture of Morgan Wallen side-by-side with Fenway Park covered the basics -- over the next two Thursdays, if you get to Old Orchard Beach between 3p and 7p, you'll be able to win two tickets to see Morgan Wallen for free at Fenway Park.

Obviously, including all that detail in the headline would've made it a paragraph, not a headline, so I assumed that people would click the link and read the article for the details.

Getty Images
Getty Images

But, you know what they say about assuming.

The Misinterpretation

This is where I should've been better and smarter. And again, this was not intentional. The factor I left out in publishing this article is some people would only look at the headline, which (after getting roasted on Facebook) I now realize can be misinterpreted as Morgan Wallen would be performing a free show at Old Orchard Beach.

And just to drive home the clarity, he's not. The only appearances he has in New England are his three sold out shows at Fenway Park on Wednesday, August 16, Thursday, August 17, and Friday, August 18.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Also, for the record, I heard you, I listened, and the headline now reads Get to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, to see Morgan Wallen in Boston for Free -- which, thinking about it now, would've prevented this entire mess if I used that headline from the start. But again, an oversight on my part.

The Apology

If you made it this far (since the lesson I learned yesterday is that 95% of people probably didn't even click on the article, saw this article's headline, and roasted me again while rolling their eyes), thank you.

I know I started this out by saying I'm sorry, and I'll end it by saying I'm sorry as well.

Originally, I planned on bringing up a few other points but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. I'm sorry, I'd never intentionally try to mislead you, I'd never intentionally clickbait you, I'd never scam you -- that's not what I'm about.

I'm literally about two things: 1) Making you laugh, and 2) Hyping you up.

But regardless, I'm sorry, I understand the confusion, I never meant to create the absolute chaos that came out of my original article yesterday, and if you decide to show up to Old Orchard Beach during the next two Thursdays to win the two Morgan Wallen tickets, good luck.

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