Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub in Cornish did it again. Apple cider margaritas? Yes, please!


Most comments are pretty much the same: Yummy and Sounds good! Yes it does!

There are so many reasons to want this. Apple cider is the fluid that gets us from summer to Halloween. It's that crisp taste of fall that is more refreshing and lighter than the hot chocolate of winter. You can still see glimmers of the summer sun in the glass.

Where's the sun in hot chocolate? There is none.

Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub is always mixing it up. Combining things that you think would never go together, and yet do!

  • fried pickle pizza
  • lasagna pizza
  • apple cider margaritas
  • Thanksgiving pizza
  • bacon mac and cheese fries
  • crab rangoon pizza

Need I say more? The pandemic has been hard and sometimes the only thing that sounds okay is something comforting...and nothing is more comforting than some comfort food and good drink. Here's to the next crazy concoction from Fairgrounds!



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