Starting in November, select Arby's locations will be serving venison sandwiches in popular hunting markets. Just to clarify for those who don't hunt, that's a deer sandwich. 


press release on Arby's website describes the new venison sandwich that will be offered to select hunting markets.

The Venison Sandwich at Arby’s features a thick-cut venison steak and crispy onions topped with a juniper berry sauce on a toasted specialty roll. The venison is marinated in garlic, salt and pepper and then cooked for three hours to juicy, tender perfection. The juniper berry sauce is a Cabernet steak sauce infused with juniper berries, giving the already unique sandwich another signature twist.

The sandwich will be available in 17 Arby's locations in  Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia. What? Not Maine? What gives?

Maybe it's the fact that there aren't a lot of Arby's locations in Maine these days. There's one at the Maine Mall, which isn't exactly the hunting capital of the state. There are also Arby's restaurants in Auburn, Augusta, Topsham and Presque Isle. It seems that it wouldn't be worth the investment here in Maine, but that's fine. Uncle Rick will end up getting his deer before the season is over and we can all have our own venison burgers until March.

Arby's feels your pain though, and would like to remind hunters of their other delicious sandwiches that are prefect while wearing your blaze orange after a day out in the woods. They're getting the word our with some clever and funny commercials aimed right at Uncle Rick and his hunting buddies.