It's THE thing that our middle schooler wants to make. Every YouTube video makes it look soooooo easy. Does this look easy?

Are you dealing with 'fluffy slime'? It's made with glue, shaving cream, food coloring, baking soda and other things I have no idea about. I've tried to stay out of the kitchen when this is attempted.

So many people are making this fluffy slime that you (ready?) CAN'T FIND GLUE IN FALMOUTH! Seriously. Went to make this crap and went to 3 different locations and no glue. NO GLUE! Glue. Not gold nuggets, good ol' Elmer's glue!

So here's where I need your help. Every video, Pinterest thingy makes this look so easy! It's not! Look at this mess!

Jen has had it. It's not fluffy, it's not's just a mess. There are also recipes that include Borax? What the what?

We'd like to find a recipe that does NOT include Borax and actually works. Have you made this? Can you help me? Because we keep making things that look like brains...

We appear to have the only middle school kid who CAN'T make this slime. Help!!!!



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