As I'm writing this I'm totally tearing up. Mascara be damned because it's time to walk in Betty White's footsteps.

If there's one thing that pulls at all of our heartstrings, it's our pets and animal rescues. And Betty White is absolutely no exception as it's no secret how deep her dedication to animals was.  I mean, just look at her smile with these animals in all of these photos!

In the introduction of her book, "Betty & Friends," she says her mom and dad “were genuine animal nuts, and I am eternally grateful that they have passed much of that passion on to me.”

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It's that passion from her parents that lead her down a lifelong road and legacy of helping animal-related nonprofits, shelters, fundraisers, and rescues through her donations, volunteering, and PSAs.  Now it's our turn, in tribute to her.

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By the way, she even served on the board of trustees of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association for 51 years as well as a Los Angeles Zoo Commissioner for several years, according to a Today Show interview.

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Enter the #BettyWhiteChallange to make donations in her name, to your favorite animal rescue or shelter for her birthday, January 17.

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These shelters survive because of us, and have Wish Lists for everything from food to medical supplies, toys and cleaning supplies.

New Hampshire SPCA , The New Hampshire Humane Society, FuRRR Feline Rescue, The Farm Animal Rescue of Maine, 3 Dogs Rescue, are just a few places that depend on us in the Seacoast and southern Maine.

I apologize I can't list them all but please know that ALL of them are crucial in animal and pet rescue. They not only deserve but depend on us.

Ok, here come the tears again, not just for Betty's advocacy but for how we can continue it.

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Here's how you can help, all in Betty White's name, and meet the #BettyWhiteChallenge while supporting our incredible New Hampshire and southern Maine shelters.

1) Cash is king

To absolutely no one's surprise, monetary donations are always welcome, no matter what the amount.  The #BettyWhiteChallenge is promoting $5 so everyone feels they can get involved and make a difference. And you can donate online in just a couple of easy steps on most shelter websites.

2) Food

Shelters ALWAYS need food.  If you have a pet you know how quickly food disappears, so imagine trying to feed lots of dogs at least twice a day! This of course goes for our feline friends, too.

3) Toys

Mental wellness is so important, and just like we smile when we're having fun, these homeless pets do, too.

4) Medical Care Items

Rubber gloves, scrubs, and litter boxes are just a few items that are necessary. Often the little babies don't have their moms to nurse so nipple bottles are helpful.

5) Cleaning Supplies

From mops to paper towels and bleach, imagine what you need when cleaning your house and multiply that for a shelter filled with homeless pups and kittens.

6) Grooming Supplies and Blankets

Pet wipes, brushes, towels, and blankets are always needed to keep these cuties comfortable and camera-ready for possible new family members dropping in.

7) Gift Cards

If you're not sure what these shelters are especially desperate for, then gift cards to pet stores, Target, or Walmart are beyond helpful.

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