Ariana Grande was in New York yesterday (September 15) to promote her new Ari fragrance, and she stopped by The Tonight Show to chat with Jimmy Fallon. In addition to announcing her new single "Focus" will debut October 30, she played a killer round of "Wheel of Musical Impressions."

Her first challenge: Imitate Britney Spears singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Christina Aguilera proved herself to be a master of impersonation when she played Fallon's game earlier this year, singing "This Little Piggy" as Britney. Can Ari stack up? Well — after squinting hard at the prompter, because she apparently needs contact lenses — yes, she absolutely nails an exaggerated version of Britney's baby coos.

After Jimmy takes his turn, Ariana's given a tough one, singing "The Wheels on the Bus" as Xtina. Pretty good! The singer slam-dunks the impression (granted, it's a slightly less annunciating version of Christina) and shows off her own pipes in the process.

"I love this game," declares Ariana, after Jimmy tackles The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" as Sting. Her final round? It's a "Can't Feel My Face"-off, and she must sing the same song as Celine Dion. They switch up the key, though, since Celine would "take it higher" than Sting, and Ariana seems a bit unsure of this one at first. But how does she do?

Watch the video above to find out, and check out her conversation with Jimmy — in which they share a clip of tiny Ari playing the lead role in Annie — below.

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