Whether you've been a lifelong fan of the band called The Roots or you know them as Jimmy Fallon's band on The Tonight Show, the group's undeniable leader is the drummer slash producer Questlove.

The Roots have Been to Portland many times over the years to play as the music scene here is something that rivals very few in the country. You know it's taken seriously as this band is from another big Music City, Philadelphia.

Questlove's mother and father were both musicians, and he often went with them on tour when he was a child. This past weekend on his Facebook page, he recounted how being in Portland with his parents solidified his love for music and the ultimate pursuit of the art form.

The start of my record collection starts with this note.

“Ahmir Do NOT talk to strangers when we are onstage!!!”


Posted by Questlove on Saturday, 24 October 2020

He recounts how a woman who frequented the nightclub named Elli bought him his first record player and the record collection he started that brought him into the music industry today.

"Sure enough the next night: she brings in a turntable (those kinda you now see at Urban Outfitters) and 3 records. My parents were HEATED but she pleaded on my behalf 'please don't have him get in trouble on my behalf!! He's so cute of course I wanted to start his record collection!!!'"

I sure wish he told us the name of the club that his parents were playing, where this all took place; nevertheless, he wants to find Ellie and thank her. Hence, if you know this woman who has the other half of this story, please share this article with her and direct her to his Facebook page so that he can thank her properly for helping him fall even deeper in love with music.

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