This is nothing new. It's happened plenty of times before, and unfortunately, because a good chunk of people reek of all the sucktitude possible, it'll happen again. And again. Probably until the end of time.

But if people are going to act stupid, then, quite bluntly, I'm going to write this article addressing the fact that people are stupid. Because, quite frankly, I'm over it, and I don't have any skin in the game other than being exhausted from all the hot garbage in the world.

Can we stop destroying and vandalizing the local businesses in Maine, New Hampshire, the rest of New England, and really, all over the country, that those of us who aren't idiots, love and appreciate?

Townsquare Media / Eli D via YouTube / Canva
Townsquare Media / Eli D via YouTube / Canva

HiFi Donuts Portland

Tucked into Monument Square in Portland, Maine, is one of the most delicious, and one of the most friendly, local businesses around -- HiFi Donuts. Coffee, delicious donuts cooked in lard, amazing sandwiches, super personable staff -- you name it, HiFi has it.

Which is why it's next-level infuriating that for seemingly no reason at all (other than probably some punk that can't hold their liquor and was boozing around the Old Port on a late night weekend night), their massive, logo'd window was destroyed, according to their post in Instagram.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

NH Store Trashed

The incident at HiFi Donuts literally happened within two weeks of an incident caught on video that went viral involving a convenience store in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

As seen on surveillance video released by the Big Apple Store in Lancaster, a man began talking to a clerk at the store before randomly snapping and throwing anything he could get his hands on in the store, completely trashing the entire inside of the business.

According to WMUR, trashing the inside of the store wasn't good enough for the man, as after he was arrested for the destruction he caused inside and was released, the man returned a few hours later and drove a vehicle right through the front doors of the store.

Whether he was lashing out due to some emotional or mental distress or just distributed real dumpster juice behavior, no exact reasoning for causing destruction to the Big Apple Store twice is known.

So, in closing, how about we don't create havoc at the local businesses whose owners are just driving to make a living and survive in a time where it's especially hard for local, small businesses to survive, mmkay pumpkins?

And, even though this message was directly given to whoever broke the window at HiFi Donuts, it can be digested universally for anyone channeling their inner scumbag causing chaos and destruction at a local business that people burn themselves out trying to make and keep successful:

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