There are many different craveable foods where people will disagree on what constitutes the "best". From ice cream to cheeseburgers, having different tastes and the way we like food prepared is part of what makes us human.

One of those delectable foods that can stir some debate is doughnuts. The delicious pastry served best alongside a cup of coffee has been a favorite in America for decades. With that in mind, doughnuts have become big business in Maine over the past decade or so, with several new shops creating signature doughnuts that draw crowds from all over the world.

making donuts from scratch

Taste of Home recently attempted to put together a list of the 50 best doughnut shops in the entire country, going state by state to choose the top one. It shouldn't be a surprise that a spot in Portland, Maine, was named the best statewide. It just may surprise you exactly which shop.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Taste of Home has declared Hi-Fi Donuts as the very best doughnut shop in Maine. Taste of Home found their old-world-style of donuts absolutely intoxicating. For those that don't stop, old-world-style or old fashioned preparation is making donuts without yeast.

Facebook via Hifi Donuts
Facebook via Hifi Donuts

Taste of Home also applauded Hi-Fi Donuts for actively using locally-sourced ingredients to create seasonal flavors that simply can't be missed. They highlighted their summer favorite, blueberry crisp, and a fall favorite, pumpkin pie, as two doughnuts that simply can't be missed.

HiFi Donuts is a cozy little shop located near Monument Square in downtown Portland. On the shop's busiest days, you may find a line extending out their front door.


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