I'm just going to be blunt about this. Other than reconnecting with old friends and maybe getting updates on upcoming specials for your favorite restaurant or deals at your favorite businesses, the internet (and mostly social media) is absolute garbage.

A five-alarm blaze of a dumpster fire ignited and accelerated by the most massive puddle of gutter juice ever seen.

But. BUT.

There are some rare times where social media can truly shine, and users can take a break from tearing each other apart to use the internet's powers for good, and that's exactly what just happened for a Massachusetts woman whose story blew up bigger than she could've ever imagined.


Ashley McGuire Massachusetts

Until recently, Ashley McGuire was just your typical everyday human. She never seemed to being trying to blow up huge as a social media influencer or even have any aspect of her life get thrust into the national spotlight.

In fact, the only real footprint she had on social media was mainly centered around her successful business in Plymouth, Massachusetts -- Snatched Beauty & Blowout Bar, where she shows off services provided, gives beauty tips, and more.

Ashley McGuire Husband

Things took a massive turn for Ashley over the last couple of weeks, when she revealed that her husband had decided to randomly ghost her a year ago, which is horrible enough. But a now-deleted Facebook post (still visible on TMZ) revealed that this happened all while she was pregnant with their child.


Intending on just hoping someone in her community of Plymouth, or even maybe in a surrounding area in Massachusetts, would have some tips on maybe where her husband disappeared off to, she was shocked when the post went mega-viral, and suddenly she had hundreds of messages from all over the country flooding her DMs and post comments.


Ashley McGuire Divorce

Thanks to all the quick internet sleuthing work, Ashley used the address she was sent for her husband -- which, according to TMZ, is apparently in Texas -- to successfully file for divorce.

And, quite honestly, it takes a big human who clearly got burned in one of the worst ways possible by someone she agreed to devote her life to, to wish him no ill will, ask the internet to not trash him, and fully remove the posts about him since, at the end of the day, this was all about moving to the next chapter in her life story.

Also, as a side note, on the official Instagram for Snatched Beauty & Blowout Bar, Ashley posted a lengthy message mentioning that despite her lack of posting lately to focus more on her family, Snatched is in fact still open, have no plans on closing, is fully booked with appointments and moving to a new location soon.

It's good to see the internet used for good, especially for good people.

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