All they wanted was a taste of retro interior design, but they may have brought home a fire hazard.

The Maine State Fire Marshall spread the word on Facebook that the home goods store At Home has recalled their shag rugs due to their failing the federal flammability standard... meaning that bringing them into your home could be putting you and your family in danger.

The Maine State Fire Marshall's Facebook post leads to the government recall website, citing the "Ultimate Shag Rug's" hazard as follows:

"The recalled large shag rugs fail to meet the federal flammability standard for carpets and rugs, posing a fire hazard. The small shag rugs fail to meet federal labeling requirements. Small rugs are not required to meet the federal flammability standard; however, they are required to be permanently labeled with the following statement: 'FLAMMABLE (FAILS U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE STANDARD FF 2-70): SHOULD NOT BE USED NEAR SOURCES OF IGNITION.'"

Word to the wise... check your shag rugs' tags, and beware of retro interior design.

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