An ambulance responding to an emergency call with lights flashing and siren on, struck another vehicle in Auburn Monday night when the driver failed to yield.

Auburn Police posted to their Facebook page that Auburn Rescue 5 hit a Dodge Durango after the driver turned left out of a driveway onto Center Street into the path of the ambulance. 72-year-old Edwards Jones of Wilton was driving the truck with his wife, 70-year-old Phyllis Jones and were taken to CMMC with non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the ambulance and passenger were uninjured. Both vehicles were severely damaged as seen in the pictures below.

It was later learned that Wilton was driving with a suspended license and charged. The investigation is still underway.

This is a good reminder to always make sure you yield the right-of-way to emergency vehicles with lights and/or sirens. If an emergency vehicle approaches from either direction, quickly and safely pull to the side of the road and come to a complete stop until the vehicle passes. It's the law.


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