The Auburn Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying two men caught on surveillance who are suspects in and attempted theft at Super Shoes at the Auburn Mall.

Not much information is given on the suspects except for this very clear image from store surveillance cameras, which once again makes us wonder in today's world of cameras everywhere and the power of social media, why anyone would attempt a crime. The odds of them being caught are ridiculously high.

We also are curious about what they tried so steal. Super Shoes is know for really good deals, but apparently not good enough for these guys if it was shoes they were after.

Keep in mind, they are only suspects at this time, but if the police are looking for them, that could change quickly.

So now it's up to you home detectives. If you recognize these men, please contact Officer TJ Ellis at 207-333-6650 Ext. 6367 or email

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