The apology was because of what a server asked a group of teenagers to do.


The Auburn IHOP has seen the 'dine and dash' four times in past three months. The server saw a group of teenagers, who happened to be black, and made them pay upfront for their meals.

A customer with his parents saw what happened and posted it to Facebook - it quickly spread.

The story eventually made it's way to IHOP's manager, Melvin Escobar, who was horrified. He called the server in and they had a meeting. The server swears that it was not racist, but based on the walk outs - done mostly by teens.

He issued an apology quickly:

According to the Press Herald Escobar said:

I’m personally, for me, kind of offended because I’m a Spanish person. I’m the type of person to say: ‘Here we help different kinds. Everybody I believe is American. Everybody is the same.’ We’re not racist.


No word from the group of teens who did not seem upset when asked to pay upfront.

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