The Auburn Maine Police Department posted to their facebook page asking the public fo assistance in tracking down a couple of alleged perpetrators whose images were caught on security cameras in Auburn. They didn't say why they were on the search for these two, but asked for any tips on their locations or identities to be sent to

Anyone with information can also call 333-6650 Ext. 6369 to help out the police department in contacting their targets.

Have you ever helped a police department with these kinds of alert searches? I get Amber Alerts on my phone fairly often (especially when I'm visiting Boston) but I'm rarely out and about when I get them, so I've never taken part in the search. I love that social media can be used to track down missing persons, although there have been some nightmare instances of the wrong people being posted to track down when they're not the right suspects. I lived in Boston during the Marathon Bombing of 2013 and the wrong man's face appeared in online forums when internet sleuths misidentified him as being involved in the horrible events of the day.

More information is rarely a bad thing, however - so as long as you're helping police by providing tips and not taking justice into your own hands, you should be good. Help Auburn find these two!

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