Most of us remember going to school and getting a grade on our work as a number from 0 to 100. If you got a 100 you'd usually get a gold star or a smiley face from your teacher. As you got older the gold stars went away and if you were constantly getting 100's you probably ended up as class valedictorian.

That grading system in Maine hasn't been used since 2012 when the state adopted Proficiency Based Learning, which bases grades on students ability to demonstrate the skills they have learned. At PBL's core, students are no longer graded on whether they have the correct answer or not. They are graded on how well they can show that they have the knowledge to arrive at the correct answer using a grading scale of 1-4.

According to the Sun Journal, parents and teachers in Auburn have spoken out against proficiency based learning and are pushing for a return to the old school (pun intended) way of grading for grades 7 to 12.

Some of the complaints have been that the grading system is confusing under Proficiency Based Learning and with the ability to take as much time as a student needs to complete the work, it doesn't prepare kids for the real world due to a lack of a deadline.

A task force of parents, teachers, Auburn School Committee members and administrators was formed last month and they plan to present their recommendations to the board on June 20.

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