That might actually be the point. Megan and James are not celebrities. They don't have a huge following on TikTok - they are just kind Mainers. We need more stories about kindness, selflessness...giving. That's where the Augusta Maine Police Department steps in to recognize two not so ordinary people. According to a Facebook post by the Augusta police, Meghan and James saw an older gentleman on Water Street take a pretty hard fall. They were in their car and pulled over to help. They didn't have to, but they did.

It's assuring that our younger generation is still out there looking out for the elderly. Hearing gratifying stories like this is such a comfort In a time when our news is full of so much sorrow, anger, and rage. God bless you, Megan and James.
Augusta Maine Police Department
Augusta Maine Police Department

Here's what the police had to say:

I want to take a minute and recognize these two. Megan and James. These two strangers witnessed an elderly gentleman on Water St. take a pretty nasty tumble. Both Megan and James pulled over and helped the subject get out of the street. Neither Megan nor James had to do this. They both chose to act and make a difference to this stranger. Megan and James actions bring credit upon themselves and their community. James is an 82nd Airborne Division veteran, and Megan works for Maine State Credit Union, they were both going about their lives, they both recognized another citizen was in trouble, and they both chose to do good. We truly value and appreciate their selfless actions today. Be like Megan and James.

There have been hundreds of comments. Judith said that she was grateful for the younger generation stepping up and helping an older man who was in trouble. That sentiment was throughout.

Thanks, Megan and James. We all should be more like you.


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