And we'll talk to him 730 am Monday morning!


First a little background. The family arrived at one of the entrances to the Emergency Department at Maine Medical on Saturday, it was blocked by construction, where doctors were waiting for the expecting mother. And then...without warning, she started giving birth: one foot in the car, and one foot on the sidewalk.


According to News Center Maine (more on that in a minute)

the family yelled to a nearby off-duty nurse, who had never delivered a baby until Saturday, but had just received her doula certification to help mothers in childbirth.


Dad cut the umbilical cord right there on the sidewalk! Born was Finn, 10 pounds, 3 ounces at 7:28 a.m. Saturday morning. His last name is Goldberg. That's right. It's our very own Lee Goldberg's son!

His wife, Karen, helped a bit. This is their 7th child and born on the same day as Lee's late father Sal. Can't wait to chat with the new dad who was JUST at our lobster bake with Senator Susan Collins!

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