I have lived in Maine all my life, and while it took me until adulthood to enjoy the taste of fresh lobster caught off the coast of Maine, I love it now. The tail is the best part, hands down. Fight me on it if you want.

As delicious as they are, you probably never really put much thought into lobster and just how much it grows over its lifetime (which can reach over 100 years). Neither have I, but I recently found a video that shows what a very young lobster looks like, and you might need a magnifying glass to see it.

First, take a look at this 110-year-old lobster that was caught off the coast of Maine in fisherman Jacob Knowles's trap. This thing is massive because, unlike most of the creatures on Earth, lobsters never stop growing. They shed their exoskeleton as they grow throughout their lives, and if they aren't caught or eaten by other predators in the ocean, they can become massive and live longer than most humans.

But when lobsters are at their youngest, they are less than the width of a dime! Check out this Instagram video by TJ Watson of a baby lobster that is less than six months old! But wait for it. The comparison in the video between the size of a six-month-old and a seven to eight-month-old lobster shown in the video is astonishing!

Nature is pretty amazing, isn't it?

Now I want to go out for a lobster dinner.

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