One of my favorite types of videos to watch on YouTube are ones taken from the dashcam of someone's car, capturing all the dumb things drivers do. Dashcam Nation is one of my favorite channels.

I recently discovered a similar channel that features bad drivers right here in Maine.

SolicitedDavid on YouTube has a series of twenty-four videos called "Bad Drivers of Portland, Maine. He has a dashcam mounted in his car and captures all kinds of drivers making bad decisions, out-of-control road rage, and just plain confusion behind the wheel.

His videos are all familiar places around the Portland area, and even as far as Old Orchard Beach where a driver decided to take a ride on the railroad tracks.

I've experienced bad drivers on my own but had no dashcam to capture the damage they did to my vehicle, but I think I might get one now.

One of the things I realized after spending way too much time watching these videos, is that Portland drivers absolutely love to run red lights. It's what David's dashcam seems to capture the most, but the person driving the wrong way down a one-way street may be the dumbest move in the bunch.

David does include a disclaimer at the beginning of some of his videos that states "I will say I'm not a perfect driver and some of these mistakes I have also done as well. Some of these drivers may not be bad drivers, but honest mistakes."

Want more? Check out Bad Drivers of Portland Maine on YouTube.

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