This could be the most delicious news to ever hit a happy hour in Maine.

Especially on a Monday.

Google Maps / Diego Marin
Google Maps / Diego Marin

Pat's Pizza in Brunswick, Maine

On the same day that the Pat's Pizza location in Portland, Maine, unfortunately revealed the horrible news that they're permanently closing this Sunday, the Pat's Pizza location in Brunswick shared some exciting news.

Starting this Monday, they're adding a whole new feature that's literally going to make every Mainers' start to the work week suck a whole lot less.

Pizza Buffet at Pat's Pizza

Not just this Monday, but running every single Monday until hopefully the end of the world, Pat's Pizza in Brunswick will start offering a Pizza Buffet.

For under $14, during the hours of 5p-7p on Mondays, Pat's will offer up an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, a side house or Caesar salad, and a fountain drink. And for just $2 more, you can treat yourself to ice cream for dessert.

As of this writing, there's been no indication that there are any restrictions on the types of pizza available for the buffet, which could mean the entire menu is open to put to your face.

Imagine kicking off your week with a slice of a Big Pat (modeled after a famous burger at a fast food chain), following it up with a slice of Bleu Buffalo (their buffalo chicken pizza with bleu cheese baked in), an R.C.B.C. slice (ranch, cheese, bacon, and chicken), and washing it all down with ice cream?

Faizan Saeed
Faizan Saeed

Essentially, it'll be all up to Pat's Pizza with what pizzas they bake and put out for the buffet, but when you take a look at their menu -- there's not a bad or lame slice that'll be up for grabs.

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