Nature is a powerful thing and when it comes to day to day survival, something in the wild always loses. A camera caught a a bald eagle attack on an osprey nest at Hog Island in Bremen, Maine showing how powerful these birds are. 

The video may be disturbing for some, but this is nature after all.

The camera is set up by the National Audubon Society and points at the osprey nest on Hog Island in Bremen that is the home to three young ospreys. On Monday, the mother was away from the nest when the eagles attacked.

At 58 seconds into the video, you see two bald eagles swoop in. The chicks see them coming and one manages to fly off, another avoids the eagle by crouching in the nest, but a third is snatched up in the talons of the eagle and carried away.

The video is impressive and is believed to be a rare instance where a bald eagle is seen snatching its prey in such clarity and detail.

The rest of the osprey family is safe and sound today. You can watch them live at the link below.

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