Live Stream viewers were shocked and some horrified when a large bald eagle decided to target a young osprey who hatched in the nest earlier this year on the same live stream video. 

Warning: Some may find this video upsetting.

This spring brought 3 new osprey chicks to the Hog Island Nest. This nest has been monitored for multiple years by a live stream camera on from the Maine Audubon. For months viewers have enjoyed watching the babies grow into the almost full grown birds you see in the video below.

Unfortunately an incident in August showed us the not so pleasant part of nature. Lets just say this is the opposite of how a Disney movie would go...

The video shows the three young osprey waiting for their parents to return to the nest on a foggy afternoon. Eric, Little B, and Spirit, as the birds have been named, all react differently as the predator approaches suddenly. Little B. decides this is the moment he will try to fly for the first time, Eric moves back and tries to hide as the strong eagle grabs Spirit in seconds.

One of the most heartbreaking parts of this video is seeing an elder osprey just a short distance behind the eagle and seems determined to stop the attack but just misses saving little Spirit.

The good news is Little B. was found the next day alive and well, and Eric was unharmed.

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