You asked for it! Wait, no you didn't.

The Q Morning Show knows how much you love our weirdness so we decided to bring you more of it. In our Q Morning Show After Hours Live Stream, not only will you see what happens when we leave the studio and take a seat in our cubicles, but you'll also meet some of the characters we talk about on the show. In our first two streams, you meet Mike Marcello AKA 'Green Peppahs/Free Tom Brady', Chris Low AKA 'Radio's Chris Low', Stephen Lenz, Adam Roy AKA 'DJ Royale', and several other weirdos who are forced to endure us every day.

Lori Makes Obscene Butt Movements

Our first After Hours Live Stream was a bit of an experiment. Would the people like it? Shockingly, y'all were fans of the crap we say and do when we're just lounging around the office. Lori gave her best efforts to attract more viewers to the stream which involved some butt movements that no one asked for.

We Caught Our Boss with a 6 Pack of Beer

It all started with Lori complaining about the cost of pet food. Our boss walked through the office, apparently on an important phone call, carrying a mismatched 6 pack of beer. Where did he even get that? Then, Lori and Jeff gave me a hard time (again!) about my black skinny jeans with ripped knees.

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