It's hard to believe that someone would think these are real, especially with the words For Motion Picture Use Only" in huge letters, but apparently someone in Bangor has been passing these fake $100 bills and now the cops are looking for the culprit. 

As is generally the case, the Bangor cops announced the hunt for the person passing the bills with an epic post on their Facebook page. Seriously, if you don't visit this page on a regular basis, you should, it's awesome!

Here's an example:

It is clearly printed on both the front and back of these bills that they are for *Motion Picture Use Only.* This means that the bills are not authentic. We urge everyone to look for obvious signs that the bill is a fake. Motion Picture Use Only is one of those signs.

Why is it that when I pass a 20 dollar bill that the kid at the counter calls the U.S. Department of the Treasury and then brings out a box of pens to test the bill for it's authenticity? It hurts to be questioned and it makes me feel dirty. I have determined that my new paradigm will be to only carry loose change. Mainly quarters.

Here's the full post, it's well worth the read.