Have you heard of the famous DOJ? If you're from Bangor, you probably know exactly what that is.

Behold: The Duck of Justice!

Bangor Police Department honors a stuffed duck in their lobby with a podium, brass plaque, and even a handsome red backdrop for photo ops, which are frequent. According to the BPD's facebook, especially in the summer:

The Duck Season is in full swing, and so are the front doors of the Bangor Police Department. Visitors from around the world are flocking to see the world's third most famous Duck. We love the company.

The BPD admires all of the tourists who visit the Duck of Justice from nearby and far away, culminating a community that honors our strength in diversity.

They've got Vermonter friends with syrup-y fingers and tiny figurines,

...they've got Canadians in town on their way back from Boston frisbee tournaments...

They've even got Floridians donning Duck of Justice shirts! You can get your very own at winterportboot.com!

Duckface with tourists and locals aside, the BPD says the duck represents an important message for us all to ponder:

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