It's hard to believe that the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital sees almost 100 thousand young patients every single year. That's a lot of kids and families that can be going through some pretty scary times, but as we all know, they are in the best hands in New England.

There are many things at Barbara Bush Children's Hospital that help get kids' minds away for a bit and immerse themselves in something they can enjoy. Thanks to the Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation, there's going to be some very cool hardware coming to BBCH that some of the older kids are going to love!

Dunkin’ Connecting Joy is a new program with a goal to launch or enhance gaming programs and technology at hospitals like BBCH. A grant of $87,642 was presented to BBCH on May 6 by  Dunkin’ Connecting Joy that will bring kids the latest gaming consoles and the hottest games they love during their stay.

A new position will also be created at BBCH. A dedicated Gaming & Technology Assistant will keep everything running smoothly with little downtime and help kids with selecting and learning to play games.

Brayden and Carter - Courtesy Rinck Advertising
Brayden and Carter - Courtesy Rinck Advertising

Having grown up with video games in the Atari and original NES days, and still a gamer today, I can tell you that gaming sticks with you well into adulthood. It's so cool to see that kids are being treated with something great that will take their minds off where they are and give them a well-needed escape.

There's a future full of Roblox, Minecraft and maybe a little Super Smash Bros for BBCH patients thanks to the generosity of the Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation.

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