Pampered Pooch is a family owned and operated daycare grooming facility in Gray for dogs...and one bird.


Katie is a rescued umbrella cockatoo and has been with Larissa from Pampered Pooch for 12 years. And yes, hanging out with dogs has given Katie lots of studying to be a dog. Listen to her bark!
Katie doesn't seem to mind the dogs and well, the dogs somehow leave Katie alone as well. She has probably seen it all as she is estimated to be about 45 years old! She doesn't talk at all according ot Larissa Needham, but boy she barks. But not only does she bark, but she has also learned from her doggy friends that those squeaky toys are kinda fun too!
If you are looking for a place to have your dog hang for a day, or longer, or get a spiffy haircut, they may just get to hang with Katie the barking cockatoo at the Pampered Pooch.


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