Crosswalks in Maine are becoming more than just white lines across a street that show pedestrians where to cross and let drivers know to be aware of people in the crosswalk. They've now become a piece of artwork.

Several Maine communities have painted some of their crosswalks in rainbow colors to celebrate pride month.

It's a nice touch to bring some color and art to what is typically a pretty boring paint job on the street.

The city of Bath, Maine now has some colorful crosswalks thanks to the help provided by Morse High School students.

Main Street Bath is an organization that "focuses on the revitalization of traditional downtowns to enhance the appearance and economic stability of the commercial district and to improve community pride and quality of life for residents and visitors."

They came up with a brilliant idea to attract visitors to downtown Bath and Waterfront Park among other landmarks in the city. Four students from Morse High School, showcased their art for all to see in the crosswalks in Downtown Bath. Just take a look at what Morse students Lillian Pomerleau, Maeve Waller, Alexis Kiffer and Jai Marlowe did to brighten up those drab crosswalks.

Volunteers and businesses throughout Bath came to pitch in with donations of supplies and the City of Bath Public Works Department was on hand to make sure everything was still up to the safety requirements for the crosswalks.

The kids did a pretty amazing job. It's worth a trip to Bath to check it out for yourself.

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